How to update my publication on Google Play? How do you republish apps on Google Play? How can I publish my app on Play Store 2022?

How to update my publication on Google Play? How do you republish apps on Google Play? How can I publish my app on Play Store 2022?

How do I publish a game on Google Play console? Can I publish on Google Play? How long does it take for Google Play to publish? Is it free to publish on Google Play? How to update my publication on Google Play? How long does pending publication take Google Play? Why is my published app not showing on Google Play? How do you republish apps on Google Play? How can I publish my app on Play Store 2022?

Update your app or stop publishing it

This article explains what you must do to make sure that existing users receive your update when you're ready to make changes to your app

Get your updates ready.

The upgraded Android App Bundle's package name must be the same as the one used for the current version.

The version code needs to be higher than the one in use right now. For more information on versioning your app, visit the Android Developers website.

The modified app bundle needs to have the same signature as the original.

Put your app bundle online

You can make a fresh release as soon as your modified artifact is prepared.

Transmission of updates

You'll notice "In review" under "Update status" on your device once you've submitted an update for an app.
Your update will start being distributed to current users as soon as it is released.

Once your update is released, users can download it from either their My applications tab on the Play Store app or from your app's store listing page. The update will be downloaded and installed immediately if a user has enabled automatic app updates.

Please take note that it may take some time for existing users to receive app updates.

Delete an app

Existing users can continue to use and receive app updates after you unpublish an app, but new users won't be able to find and download it from Google Play.

Prior to unpublishing an app, make sure that:

The most recent Developer Distribution Agreement has been accepted by you.
There are no mistakes in your app that need to be fixed, such as the failure to complete the content rating questionnaire or to provide information about the target audience and content of your app.
The app you wish to unpublish does not currently have managed publication enabled.
Unpublish your app here.

Activate Play Console.

Choose an app.
Then select Advanced settings under Release > Setup.
Select Unpublish from the App Availability tab.
system app updates
As soon as an app with the same package name is submitted to Play Console (even if the app is not yet available), users will see system apps (including any preloaded apps) in the My Apps area of the Google Play Store.

If the requirements listed below are satisfied, Google Play can handle managing updates to installed apps:

The system partition must contain the preloaded application.

The preloaded app must be open-source.

The preloaded software must have the same signature as the app that is available on Google Play.

The preloaded and updated apps must share the same package name.

The upgraded app must have a higher version code than the preloaded app.

Tip: To retrieve system APKs created from app bundles you post to Google Play, use the Play Developer API.

Please get in touch with us if you need to upload a system program and run into an error message.

You should follow this step also

In any event, when you don't have to refresh your distribution with the new happy, you actually need to stay up with the latest to ensure it's the most recent variant from AppsGeyser group. We monitor changes in Google Play necessities and the APIs we use for our formats to rapidly respond when the update is required.

Kindly remember to refresh your applications something like one time per month and each time you receive an email with basic update data from us or see a message with clock in your Dashboard.
The following is the straightforward guidance, if it's not too much trouble, follow the means to keep up with your distribution.

 1. Login to your Dashboard, pick the application you want to refresh in the rundown at the highest point of the screen and go to Download segment. Click 'reconstruct and download new .aab' and refreshed APK will be downloaded:

 2. Go to your Google Play designer console, select an application and сlick 'Creation' button in Release tab:

    3. Click 'Make new delivery':

Your update is forthcoming, soon it will be live on Google Play, so you don't have to stress over application suspension. Assuming that you have a clock for application update in AppsGeyser Dashboard, kindly recurrent these means with all your distributed applications referenced on a clock and go ahead and our help assuming you coincidentally find any issues simultaneously.

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